The Bulletin and Charts

The Bulletins are short analyses of historic turbulent economic and political periods, describing why these are relevant to understanding today’s world.

It also highlights unusual investment trends and opportunities around the world, examining in particular neglected and crisis markets, emerging economic geographies, and undervalued assets, for accredited investors wishing to capitalise on medium- to long-term market moves across asset classes including commodities, bonds, equities, currencies, and real estate.

Charts are graphs, maps, and images, published on a regular basis, and providing links to other publications and news. Charts can change the world forever, as was the case with John Snow, a pioneer in disease mapping, whose maps during the London cholera outbreak in 1854 showed that contaminated water wells were at the center of the outbreak , a previously unknown fact.

The Bulletin and The Charts are published on a regular basis and summarize select areas of the proprietary in-depth research conducted by Brun Lubert Corporation.

The Bulletin

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