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Brun Lubert Corporation (“Brun Lubert”) is a principal investor in alternative investments and  a strategy advisory firm.

The firm was founded by Constantin Capital, the private investment office of Ana Beysoylu, and is based in  New York and Shanghai (2023). Our operations in Africa and Asia are managed from our office in Mauritius.

The history of Brun Lubert dates back to 2003, when the firm’s predecessor and privately held investment company was founded. We invest with an entrepreneurial mentality. Our deal roster ranges from the high-profile in the world to the mid-market.

As investor we are focused on emerging industries and economies. Our investment strategy combines asset  allocation with rigorous research. We have no restrictions over industry or geography. We are flexible and  can invest in the most mispriced opportunities.

Coming from well-established traditions within the financial markets, Brun Lubert’s management has  structured hundreds of projects since the late 1980s. We partner with a highly curated group of corporates, accredited investors, endowments, fund managers, entrepreneurs, and family offices. We are independent in our approach.

But we are much more than just a firm. We have a clear purpose and a deeply personal approach that goes beyond our investments. We believe in the power of innovations that stand out as symbols of social progress.  Our policies are inclusive, our people are diverse and skilled. We invest time and resources in developing partnerships for growth.

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The Next Frontier

Navigare necesse est, the expression from Pompey the Younger, is the chosen adage of Brun Lubert. We aim to continue in the tradition of the old investment corporations which acted as avant-la-lettre emerging market funds, providing leverage and diversification that individual corporations found difficult, if not impossible, to achieve for themselves. These investors took an important active role in expeditions to new and foreign markets, such as the development of the railway and mining booms, and were at the launch of breakthrough innovations such as the telephone, aircraft, light bulb, or the refrigerator. With their contributions, societies in the West underwent an astounding transformation.  Brun Lubert continues to probe deeper into emerging industries and economies.

We believe in the power of innovations that stand out as symbols of progress.

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